I saw these videos posted on Leadership Network’s blog but I thought it was worth reposting here because there are diagrams in the videos. 🙂

I have been pondering what it means to develop leaders and I really like these videos because even though they take quite different approaches, they obviously are working at both churches. Oh yeah, and also they both have colorful, hand-drawn diagrams.

The first one is from University Church in San Antonio Texas. Hey! A church with the same name as my church (University Covenant Church)!

The second one is from Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, MI, where 80% of the congregation is involved in ministry.

I thought it was kind of funny how they used the same sized paper, similar-colored markers, and even the shade of the walls kind of go together. Sorry, that’s my subconscious graphic designer side taking over… focus on the content… focus on the content…

But more importantly, it is very cool to see the diverse approaches, showing no one way is right, and that we have a creative God who uses all sorts of ways to grow His people!


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